338 Canada predicts Heather Leung will win Burnaby North - Seymour for the Conservatives in October

July 22, 2019

In its latest projections concerning Canada's 43rd federal election, likely on October 21, the 338Canada project, which is based on opinion polls and electoral history, shows the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leading all parties in the popular vote in Burnaby North - Seymour. This predicts that the odds of Heather Leung being elected to Parliament are 61% vs. the incumbent Liberal of 35%.

It's your donations, volunteering and ultimately voting that will create a Heather Leung win.

338Canada has declared Burnaby North - Seymour "leaning CPC" for most of the past several months.

Have a look at the charts here: http://338canada.com/districts/59002e.htm