Andrew Scheer Shares Positive Energy Vision for Canada

September 09, 2019

Despite spending $4.5 billion of taxpayers' money to buy Trans Mountain pipeline, Justin Trudeau's Liberals have completely failed to get the expansion project, TMX, built. This has resulted in increased oil shipments from Alberta by rail, which operates at high risk and with a higher carbon footprint.

Heather supports Andrew Scheer's plan to get our natural resources to market and make life more affordable for Canadians:

-          Scrapping the crippling Carbon Tax

-          Repealing Bill C-69, the No-More Pipelines Bill

-          Ending the ban on oil shipping traffic in British Columbia

Heather is the only major party candidate in our riding to endorse the development of Canadian energy resources for the benefits of jobs and prosperity for Burnaby North – Seymour.


Heather Leung shares Andrew Scheer's 6-point pipeline fix plan: