Heather Leung Supports Canadian Energy and Pipelines for our Community's Prosperity

July 06, 2019

Heather Leung recognizes the opportunity to bring prosperity to our community by fostering economic development in the natural resources sector.

For decades, Canada has been demonstrating to the world that we can balance resource development while protecting our environment. For these reasons, Heather supports the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.  Canada is a world-leader in carbon capture and other green technologies, and Heather is committed to technological investments that further improve our remarkable achievements in this area. She is committed to working with Indigenous people in their efforts to reclaim their economic independence by investing in the natural resources sector.  She recognizes that their example of responsible stewardship of the environment balanced with sound resource development can enrich the way in which Canada does business and provide local job creation.  

Heather was pleased to attend a pro-pipeline and pro-Canadian energy rally in downtown Vancouver on June 18th.  The rally was organized by Canada Action, National Coalition of Chiefs and Progressive Contractors Association of Canada.  Heather was honoured to discuss with Dale Swampy, the President of the National Coalition of Chiefs, Cliff Sampare and others how Canadian oil and gas can help lift Indigenous and other Canadians out of poverty and reduce the global carbon footprint.


Heather does not support high taxes that further increase expenses for all Canadians. She does not support Trudeau's Carbon Tax, which is simply a tax grab that gives the appearance of protecting the environment but only siphons the pockets of everyday Canadians.  

As a Canadian mother, Heather would like to see a Canada that provides the economic conditions that would allow her children to find jobs and affordable homes in their local community and a safe environment in which to raise their children. She would like to see her grandchildren grow up in a Canada that helps them get ahead, not just get by. She wishes the same for you and your loved ones. That is why she is committed to listening to your concerns and fighting for you and your family in the House of Commons.

Heather Loves Oil & Gas