Heather Leung Visits Burnaby's Inventys Inc., Developing Carbon Capture, Carbon Recycling Projects

August 16, 2019

Heather Leung was joined by fellow CPC candidate from Burnaby South, Jay Shin, on a facilities tour of Inventys Inc. in Burnaby. Inventys is building a carbon dioxide marketplace for the utilization and negative emissions of CO₂ on the scale of gigatonnes per year.

This is exactly the kind of cutting edge clean tech that Canada has to offer the world.

Heather Leung and Jay Shin were taken on an revealing tour of the research and development operations of this leading-edge technology firm, which is dedicated to developing low-cost carbon capture and carbon recycling projects that can have a world-wide impact.


Carbon, an element essential to all life on Earth, is the backbone of the world economy. As the earth’s population swells to 8 billion, the global energy sector is looking for solutions to reduce or offset its carbon footprint. CO₂ emissions continue as one of the biggest challenges of our times as it is considered to be one of the factors affecting world climate.


Inventys, a Burnaby company, believes in its opportunity to put CO₂ to work, capturing and using CO₂ and storing it using a distributed supply model. It has gathered a world-class team of strategists, scientists, engineers, technicians, specialists, project developers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to building a CO₂ marketplace using its breakthrough, next-generation carbon capture technology.



Thank you to the Inventys team today for hosting us on this fantastic, eye-opening tour.

Canadian Innovation is our pathway to emissions reduction not just at home, but GLOBALLY.