Justin Trudeau is Guilty of Violating the Ethics Act - AGAIN

August 19, 2019

For the second time since he became Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is guilty of violating the Ethics Act.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is the 5th ethics investigation involving the Trudeau cabinet. Yes - the 5th. So much for Trudeau’s openness and restoring Canadians’ trust in their government.

This is unprecedented in Canadian history. It is a political bombshell, created by Justin Trudeau and landing squarely, as it should, on him.


The Federal Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, has released his report highlighting that Justin Trudeau is guilty of violating the Ethics Act in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. This in itself is shocking, but even more troubling is the level of influence SNC-Lavalin has over the Prime Minister’s Office.

Not only did Justin Trudeau lie to Canadians, but also he has undermined our Canadian Rule of Law and judicial independence. This is potentially a criminal offence.

Trudeau smeared and bullied 2 courageous women, his own cabinet ministers, who would not participate in his cover-up. This is repulsive enough, but not surprising coming from a Prime Minister who would grope a female reporter then dismiss it as her having “experienced it differently”.

When this sordid SNC scandal first broke, he looked directly into a television camera and said the story was “false”. He lied.

Now, after his lies and attempted cover-ups have been revealed and his corruption exposed, he has no remorse. He says he fully accepts the Commissioner’s report but does not agree with its findings! What? He says he accepts “full responsibility”. What does that paradox even mean, when there are no consequences to him for those empty words?

He says he will not apologize for trying to save Canadian jobs. Really? Ask the 50,000 – 100,000 workers in Alberta who have lost their jobs as a direct result of Liberal policies how they feel he has protected their jobs!

He says he tried to balance competing priorities but that he “fell short.” No Mr. Trudeau – you may have broken the law.

While most of the main players in the SNC-Lavalin scandal are either working in Trudeau’s office or on his re-election, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott were kicked out of the Liberal caucus for speaking truth to power. In other words, the only people who told Canadians the truth about Trudeau’s corruption have been purged, while those who helped him cover it up have been rewarded. Another irony is that this exposes his self-declared "feminism" as the downright hypocrisy it really is. Filling his cabinet with 50% women "because it's 2015" was only true if such women did what he told them.

This outrage shows a shocking lack of respect for the integrity of our democratic institutions and is an insult to Canadians. It once again makes a mockery of Trudeau’s promise to do politics differently and of his assurance to us of his government’s accountability and transparency. The fact that he has not resigned proves this and shows his utter arrogance and complete disconnect with ordinary Canadians.

In his report, the Ethics Commissioner stated, "The authority of the Prime Minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions, as well as the authority of Ms Wilson-Raybould as the Crown's chief law officer."

He also concluded that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government violated the 'Shawcross doctrine', which sheds light on the line between legitimate discussion and interference in the role of Attorney-General.

All of these damning findings within the report were based on only some of the information available.

Why?  Because, as the Ethics Commissioner made clear in his report, the Liberal government refused to waive the principle of cabinet confidence, which limited the information he had access to for his investigation. While claiming publicly to the press that the Liberal government was “cooperating fully” with the Ethics Commissioner, Justin Trudeau’s actual behaviour was to stonewall the commission in an unsuccessful attempt to sway this decision in the Liberals’ favour.

In his criticism of the government, the Ethics Commissioner stated "I am convinced that if our office is to remain truly independent and fulfill its purpose, I must have unfettered access to all information that could be relevant to the exercise of my mandate". Clearly this was not the case.


Justin Trudeau is the first Prime Minister to have ever broken a law while in office. Not once but twice.

He is a Prime Minister who abuses his power and tries to bend the law for his friends.

John Ivison reported in The National Post on August 15, 2019: “Justin Trudeau has created an illusion of himself as a leader more noble and principled than the facts warrant.

Yet, it can still be a shock when it’s revealed he’s as calculating as the most cynical of his predecessors, greeting each new situation with the internal question: ‘What can this do for me?’”


Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt said it best when interviewed by the CBC: “I don't believe a word Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says anymore.”

Justin Trudeau campaigned on his declaration that the Liberal government would be open and transparent and would do politics differently. Ivison continued: “Trudeau came to power promising to restore trust in government and democracy. Anyone who suggested that the business of reaching for power would sully those lofty ideals was labelled a cynic. But few people have behaved more cynically in the past 4 years than this repeat offender prime minister. In 2 months, Canadians will be asked to vote for someone they feel they can trust to run the country. Nobody could read Dion’s report and feel inspired that Trudeau is that leader.”

Whether in hiking, business, church, families or other activities, experience teaches us how vitally important it is to trust the person who is leading us. If our guide isn't trustworthy - if we cannot put our complete faith in him or her - we'll end up lost.

Justin Trudeau. He’s not as advertised.