Momentum for Heather Grows as the Honourable Ed Fast Visits July 17 Fundraiser

July 18, 2019

We had a well-attended and information-packed fundraiser last night as Heather Leung hosted the Honourable Ed Fast, MP for Abbotsford and Shadow Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Mr. Fast fully endorses Heather Leung for representing the only major party in the riding that supports Canadian energy by the building of the Trans Mountain expansion project. The incumbent Liberal MP opposes his own party's re-approval of the project.

Candidate Heather Leung and the Honourable Ed Fast both spoke to us about Andrew Scheer's positive vision for all Canadians.


After being introduced by EDA Vice-President Jim Pigott, C.M.C., Mr. Fast reminded us of just some of the egregious failures of the Liberal government, particularly those that affected his former Cabinet post, wherein he was Minister for International Trade - Canada's longest-serving Trade Minister. When the Conservatives became government in 2006, Canada had trade agreements with just 5 countries. By the end of their term in 2015, that number had risen to an astounding 51. "Conservatives know trade and its benefits to Canada" Mr. Fast informed us.



Mr. Fast worked diligently on creating Canada's Global Markets Action Plan to achieve this monumental feat, which is still providing benefits to the betterment of the Canadian economy by deepening Canada's trade and investment ties with many countries around the world.  Among other accomplishments, his leadership resulted in free trade agreements with the European Union, South Korea, Ukraine, Israel, Chile, and the well-known Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). And he began the free trade negotiations with India and Japan.

Mr. Fast related several incidents of how, once the Liberals took over under Justin Trudeau, years of careful work and development of respect for Canada under Minister Fast and his fellow Conservatives were damaged in just a few months. Mr. Fast expressed his deep concern as to how such a long string of failed Liberal mishandlings, involving several countries, have led to disastrous harm to Canada's trade relationships, tarnishing Canada's positive image around the world.

Heather Leung then took the microphone after being introduced by Dr. Graham Darling.

Heather Leung, a lifelong healthcare professional and a working Mom, delivered to us the predominant issue of this election in Burnaby North - Seymour. It is the necessity to complete the Trans Mountain expansion project and support ethical Canadian energy exports.


She explained that tens of thousands of new jobs will result from the construction of the pipeline expansion and thousands of ongoing jobs in BC and Alberta will be its legacy. Yet residents of the riding are divided in their support largely because local politicians representing all 3 levels of government - Burnaby’s mayor, the Premier of British Columbia and the incumbent Liberal MP - are united in their opposition to Trans Mountain. Hence Burnaby North - Seymour residents often receive one-sided information from their elected officials and from those opposed, many funded by foreign groups who do not represent Canada’s interests, that fail to mention any of the project’s numerous benefits.

The Conservative Party represented by Heather Leung is the only major party in this riding to stand for the massive economic benefits that this Canadian energy project will provide to Burnaby North - Seymour, to First Nations, to BC, and to Canada.

In the middle of her speech, Heather Leung showed this video, Canadian Energy is something we should all be proud of:

Ms. Leung stated that the Liberals are claiming they have a climate plan. They do not. Theirs is a tax grab. The Conservatives not only care deeply about the environment, but also we have an actual environmental plan – one that emphasizes technological solutions. The Conservative plan, part of Andrew Scheer's positive vision for Canada, incents the Engineers, not the politicians, to reduce GHG emissions, globally. That is an actual climate plan - one that will achieve meaningful results. If you stand for jobs and prosperity for Burnaby North - Seymour and for Canada, vote Conservative.

Heather Leung, who holds a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy, also related a story of the escalating number of patients of hers that have serious illnesses and disabilities as a direct result of serious drug overdoses. 


In a rush to meet his self-imposed political deadline, Justin Trudeau has failed to adequately address the many concerns of municipalities, law enforcement, employers, scientists and doctors about his cannabis legalization legislation.

Another interesting event occurred. Across the street from our fundraiser, some demonstrators from the PPC showed up.


Mr. Fast and Ms. Leung went out to greet them. An interesting discussion ensued about why, as conservative-minded individuals, they supported the PPC instead of the Conservatives. Mr. Fast, who knows their party leader personally and served with him, in Parliament and in Cabinet, informed them that they don't know as much about their leader as they think they do and that they may not be being told the truth about his actual beliefs. He invited them to join our meeting.

We had a good turnout for this energetic event. A few of the attendees stayed behind for a group photo:


Heather Leung beside her husband Mike and their 4 children:


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